The day I met depression head on!

The day my specialist nurse said to me “Tara I think you are suffering with depression you need to go and see your doctor” my world began to spin and I thought it would never stop.

I knew I was depressed but couldn't admit to it!

You see in the back of my mind I knew I was depressed because I was in chronic pain from the psoriatic arthritis and the two failed back surgeries. And things that were happening day to day were just adding to the swirling mess that was my emotions.

Crying for no reason became part of my daily routine!

I could cry without reason and no matter how hard I tired I could not get my business to work. I spent hour upon hour doing everything I was told to do. Every bit of advice I took made sense so I followed it. Yet still the money was not coming in others were making money so why couldn’t I do it.

The Orlando regional was brilliant and I made some amazing friends there!

That made me more depressed. I went to a regional event in Orlando it was my first event. Amazing things happened to me there and I felt as though in those three days my depression had vanished and when I landed back at home everyone else could see the difference in me. But I was back into my routine of trying to make things happen and working my business in the same way going over the same things and making the same mistakes and within two weeks I was right back where I started.

These two beautiful ladies are two of our most respected leaders in the business!!!!!

Two weeks back in my normal routine and I was as low as ever!

The doctor increased my medication. I had therapy and counselling. I attended every type of course or training offered to try to get better. Nothing worked. I just kept falling deeper and deeper into the abyss. Now many of you who have suffered from depression or are still suffering from depression will know that it can get REALLY bad. I wouldn’t get out of bed because I couldn’t face another day. I didn’t want to talk to my friends because they reminded me of my failures. I didn’t go near my business because I knew I couldn’t succeed.

I believe in fate and this email was definitely meant to find me!

Then one day I was going through my emails which is pretty much all I did for weeks on end and I came across something that I now consider to be my salvation and my business partner.  It is so powerful that it has motivated me into moving my business to the next level and I now have absolute certainty that I am going to succeed with this business and become the disabled entrepreneur I always wanted to be.

This is me. What you see is what you get!!!!

Why do I want to be a disabled entrepreneur you may ask? Well I want to help people who have been through or are going through any kind of illness or condition that leaves them in chronic pain or suffering with depression and I want to show them and you that there is a better way to live and that despite the pain we can be happy and successful. My goal is to help you achieve your ultimate success. As I achieve each one of my goals I want to help you to achieve each one of yours.

Everyone deserves happiness!

The most important thing is I have the experience having been through it myself and I have the vehicle to take you from where you are now to where you want to be and I can get you on the right path starting today for less than it cost you to eat lunch. Can you make your future brighter and get rid of depression, anxiety, stress at the same time? Because I can show you how to lose all of those feelings and start a business that will empower you and amaze you.

Decide to change your future today! Decide to join me the disabled entrepreneur on our road to freedom!

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Is running a home business hard?

I always wondered how difficult it would be to have my own business working from home but never seemed to have the time to get round to starting one. What with the full time job the kids and the other commitments I had there just never seemed to be time.

Then I got sick with an auto immune disease and yet still I worked and kept really busy as the drugs the doctors gave me held of the symptoms just enough for me to continue to work hard but that didn’t last long because auto immune diseases have a funny way of draining you. So I had to slow down.

Then things went from bad to worse when my back went and after two failed surgeries I ended up in a wheelchair. Here I was disabled with an auto immune disease living in the most chronic of pain and still trying to hold down a full time job. It was hard to say the least.

This is me working on my business in the garden!!!

That is when I first really began exploring the work from home arena. I first started to think that maybe I would be less tired and in less pain if I could work from home and earn enough to cover my bills and if I made a bit more that would be great.

The problem was that there are so many scams out there and you never know when you are on to something genuine or just another scam where they take your money and run like the clappers. I got hit so many times by scam artists. I tried all sorts of different things. I spent hundreds of pounds on things that didn’t work and was just about to give up when I was introduced to the business that I am now involved in. You can check it out here!

This is the best business I have ever been involved in and I have tried many over the four years I have been searching. This company wants to help you to succeed. There is so much excellent training that you will never need to buy another product from any other source on the internet again. There is proof all-around of people making good money with this company and there are regular events that we attend so that we can get support, meet the top earners and get around like-minded people and just mastermind with each other.

These are some of the cheques given out to our top earners at the recent Miami event!!!!!

Amazing numbers on some please see our income disclaimer Here!

All people are welcome I went to the event in October in Orlando and even though I was in a wheelchair no one treated me differently there are many disabled people in the company so do I have what it takes to run this business from home? Damn straight I do because I have a supportive company behind me that are going to be around for the long haul. This is just the beginning. If you want to get yourself a home business that is simple to do that will bring you new friends and get you around some of the richest people in our industry then this is the business for you and the biggest and best surprise of all is that it cost less than a meal out at $25 to get in.

Cost less to get started than lunch!!!!!

Come and meet me like this young man did at our London event in November!

So click on the link below come and meet me and I will happily get you started in what I can promise you will be the best thing you have ever done. Please see our income disclosure because I have shown you some pretty big numbers on this page and these results are not typical they depend entirely on the person and the amount of work they put in. I can’t wait to meet you guys and get working with you see you soon.  

Start with Why by Simon Sinek


I have just read the most amazing book!!! 

It is all about starting with your why and how it makes a difference to you in your business!!!

If you want to have a business where you can make a difference you really need to read this book.

I couldn't put it down and finished it in one day!!



This book will help you get your business off to a great start and if you are really serious about having a business that is ethical and helps others to become business owners then I would like to invite you to click on the link below where I will be happy to assist you in getting started in the best business opportunity of 2014. 


Can you make money?

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I have just watch the most inspiring video that I have seen for a long time in the field of can you become a self made person.

The voice you will hear on this video is that of  Felix Dennis who is one of Britain's most well know self made millionaires. 

This entrepreneur will tell you how he never gave up and how that enabled him to make billions of dollars from a starting point of zero. 


If you would like to find out about some of the ligitimate ways that you can make money with your own business I would be more than happy to help you. Please click on the link below and I will catch up with you on the inside to talk you through everything, 

James Arthur Live at the Cliffs Pavillion Southend! 

I was so excited when my husband gave me two tickets to go and see James Arthur at the Cliffs Pavillion in Southend, which is not too far from my home, for Christmas. My husband had gone down to the box office especially and had made sure he was at the beginning of the queue to get disabled tickets because as some of you know I am in a wheelchair and he wanted to make sure that I was near the front so that I had half a chance of seeing James Arthur sing his amazing songs which I simply adore.

We arrived at the theatre, which I had never visited before, and I was pleasantly surprised at how intimate it was. We took our seats which were in row I approximately 50 - 60 feet from the stage. I was very excited because it looked very promising as though I was going to get to see the concert I so desperately wanted to watch. There were several other wheelchair users in the consecutive aisles behind me. The opening act “Tich” came on, she was very good, and what was more important was I could clearly see her on the stage. My vision was not blocked so I would be able to see James Arthur perform. Yes this was it the first place I had been since being in a wheelchair that had catered properly for wheelchair bound people. I was really looking forward to tonight and it didn’t look like I was going to be disappointed.

After the opening act finished there was an excitement in the air like a wave of electricity as we waited patiently for James Arthur to come on stage I was very excited as much by the prospect of being so close to the stage and being able to see him as anything else. My previous experiences had been very disappointing with the disabled seating being either way up the back so you are nowhere near the act you came to see in the first place or in such a position that as soon as everyone stood up you couldn’t see anyway. James Arthur started to sing and the crowd began to cheer and his band came out on to the stage then as James himself appeared a few people in the centre stood up but the majority of people remained seated as this was meant to be a seated show. I was in my element until James Arthur said “Hi everyone you can stand up”.

My whole world fell apart right there and then. The other wheelchair users behind me had chairs that had the ability to rise up but mine does not do that so I could not see anything except the backs of people. I told my husband to stand up and record the show for me and the first few songs I watched through my mobile phone’s camera but this was not right! I was entitled to watch this show as much as everyone else. I was upset and angry and I left the theatre because I knew I was going to cry. This was the one concert I really wanted to see. I am a James Arthur fan but not in a teenage girl kind of way because I am a mature woman. I just really adore this young man’s voice and think he has a huge talent. I do like to watch live shows and be able to see the artist I have paid to see.

I could not contain how upset I was!

I had to try to gather myself together because I couldn’t contain how upset I was about not being able to see this and how angry I am that this keeps happening to me since I have become wheelchair bound. It isn’t just concerts either discrimination towards wheelchair users particularly is all over the country in shops, in the work place, in our entertainment places, it is everywhere and I was overwhelmed with extreme sadness by how we as human beings are treated. I got a glass of water from the bar which they kindly gave me despite being closed and began to make my way back to my husband who I knew would be worrying by now.

As I got near to our entrance I saw my husband talking to staff members and when I arrived one was the manager of the theatre. He was very apologetic and explained that this was supposed to be a seated concert but that he is unable to make 1600 people sit down. He then asked if I could transfer from my wheelchair to a seat which I am able to do and he said he might have some other seats he could put us in. My husband explained that I would need to be able to get the wheelchair right up next to the seat but once next to the seat I could transfer. The manager went away and came back to say that there were indeed two seats available where we could take the chair but after I was seated the chair would have to be brought back outside to which we had no issue. I am eternally grateful to the manager of the Cliffs Pavillion Southend, unfortunately I did not get his name, but thanks to him I got to see most of the amazing concert that James Arthur put on last night.

Should I blame James Arthur?

Some of you may be thinking that I should blame James Arthur for asking his audience to stand up but I guess the artist expects each venue to take care of the fans especially the positioning of the disadvantaged fans so that they are able to see the artist they came to see. So no I don’t blame James Arthur for asking his audience to participate and make his concert more enjoyable for him. I don’t even blame the managers who run the venues that these things take place in. I blame the people who decide that the seating for disabled people has to be in a position where they have absolutely no chance of seeing the person on stage that they paid to see.

We pay to see our favourite artist just like everyone else!

There are more and more disabled people in this world what with all the soldiers who have lost limbs in wars and the advances in medicine that have saved people who might have otherwise died but have become disabled as a result of it. Me I just got unlucky and inherited an autoimmune disease that makes every bit of my body hurt and on top of that I have had two failed back surgeries that have left me with constant and severe back pain. The thing is we do not deserve to be treated like a second thought which is how I feel most of the time. We have laws that are supposed to prevent that from happening but who actually polices those laws to ensure they are being adhered to?

Well I could go on about this for days but I am going to bring you more in the future so watch this space. If you want to have your say about something and get paid click the link and see how it is done. We all have a voice and if we use it we can bring about change. So give it a go find your voice and make money while you do it. I am in a wheelchair with an autoimmune disease yet I make money whilst using my voice to help others and bring about much needed changes. You can do it too!







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